Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 9 - The Water Amusement Park

We originally had planned to stick around the resort today. But our Austrialian friends (Rebecca and Andrew) that we met last night at the pool invited us to go check out a water amusement park with them this afternoon. So off we went.
I don’t know what we were all thinking it was going to be, but it is nothing to write home about. This place had a couple of kiddie rides, 3 different pools, a couple of water slides, a couple of tubes to slide down, and a lazy river that didn’t move you. We had to do all the work ourselves! We were all expecting something much more—like Seven Peaks.
We should have known better—Mauritius is known for their beaches not their amusement parks! Oh well, we enjoyed each other’s company and came back to the resort to soak in some more sun and beach before dinner.

A little side note—Jared had a few blond moments today. While we were at the amusement park waiting for our food to finish cooking, Jared put his arm around Rebecca thinking it was me. Rebecca kindly said, “Um, I think you have the wrong woman!” Then on our way home from the amusement park, we asked the taxi to take us to an ATM so we could withdraw money. On Jared’s way back to the car, he sit back down in the passenger seat—only to be reminded by the driver that he was on the wrong side of the car!

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