Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 11 - Hangin' Out at the Beach

I love waking up each morning and seeing this view on my way to breakfast! 
Today was a day of pure relaxation on the beach. Jared enjoyed a good game of beach volleyball, and a good dinner—Mauritian food.
Tonight’s entertainment started out with the Maurician dancers. After a few songs, they pulled me and another girl out of the audience to dress up in their costumes. I started getting worried that they were going to make me dance (I’m not a dancer for those of you that may have forgotten). Luckily, they just dressed us up and had us go sit back in the audience.
For the second portion of the entertainment, we had some guy come and sing. He had a friend in the crowd that was trying to get everyone out of the dance floor. They had us shakin’ our booties and swinging our arms. Need I say more???
At the end of the night, this guy that thought Jared was so great because of his size, wanted to fight him. We weren’t sure if he wanted to box or wrestle. But Jared just made light of it and put his hand in the air and told him that he won. Then we hurried off to our room to avoid any more confrontations.
Jared and the guy that wanted to fight him!  Where's the brotherly love?  lol

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