Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 13 - The Flac Market

We couldn’t decide what to do today…part of us wanted to go to church again and see the friends that we had made. But it was expensive to get there and back, so we opted to visit a market in Flac so we could finish up our souvenir shopping. Jared was promised that the people would not attack him like before, which was true. However, I was a little disappointed because the people did not barter nearly as much as they did in Port Louis. However, it was a nice afternoon.
One more day playing in the water!
We came back from the market and were excited to share the gifts that we had purchased for our German friends, Eulla and Klass. Eulla got toys to play in the sand with while Klass got his first kite. He was so excited to try it out. However it lasted about 5 minutes because he wanted to let the string all the way out and it got away from him as he was unrolling it. So we gave him Jared’s kite. It lasted a lot longer until the wind threw it into a tree, which we couldn’t get it out of.
Ready for the nightly entertainment!

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