Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3 - Day at the Ocean

Every morning except for 2-3 days, we woke up to a 7 a.m. wake up call so we could be the first ones to breakfast by 7:30 a.m. Actually, Jared was always starving by then since he has been on such a rigid schedule and he didn’t want to sleep away our vacation. This was the view we say every morning coming down the stairs on our way to breakfast! BEAUTIFUL!! The weather was so warm that by the time you were done with breakfast and let your food settle for a few minutes, it was time to put on the swimsuit and go play.  This is only 9 a.m.

Glass bottom boat ride
Today we had a blast just hanging around the resort at the beach, going on a glass bottom boat ride to see all the fish and corral in our area, and riding on paddle boats so Jared could try to get a great shot at the waves.
Paddle boats-Don't we look hot!
Tonight we met a great family from the United States—Theresa and Don Lowder. They came for their daughter’s wedding on the beach two resorts down from us. Prior to them coming to our resort, we were the only people at our resort from America. In fact, due to Jared’s height and build in comparison to the Mauricians, he was a celebrity over there.
The Lowder's
I love Mauritius so much. I have never been so pampered and spoiled in my entire life. I love have so many activities at my leisure, I have been in the water every day and we have a entire week of activities still ahead of us. I wish I could never leave. It is paradise!

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