Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 7 - Casela's

Today is one of the days that Jared has been waiting for since we arrived on the island. He was so excited to go to Casela’s and interact with the lions and cheetahs. Casela’s is a wildlife reserve on the West coast.
After signing our life away, you are given a stick to take into the cages with you for protection. As you are petting the animals, you give them your stick to bite on so they hopefully don’t turn around and bite you!
One of the baby lions I was trying to pet decided he didn’t want the stick and went for me. So I was done.

Jared still hadn’t had enough adrenaline rush, so we signed up for another tour—a walk with lions.
We followed the lion’s trainer (from Zimbabwe) and four lions pups (4-6 months old) on a nature walk. It was exciting to see and interact with them so closely. They like to play and will do most anything for a little raw meat.

This was definitely a unique once in a life time experience!

I was never so happy to be back home on the beach relaxing before dinner. The taxi cab that we got today was out of control!! Enough said.

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