Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 6 - Going to Church

Earlier in the week Jared suggested that we find a LDS church on the island and go. Not only hadn’t we been to church together in over 6 months, but we were interested in meeting the Mauritian people. What better way than attending a church service. The meeting house was an hour away, so we had to hire a cab for the day to get us there.
Driving through town
As soon as we walked in the door, we felt at home. A few people came over and introduced themselves to us and since the service was in Creole, they found a return missionary to translate for us. My testimony was once again strengthened by knowing wherever you go to church in the world, the teachings are the same and the Spirit can be felt. Below are a few of the members from the branch.

Of course the day would not have been complete without a little swim in the ocean.

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