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One of the best parts of traveling is attending church in other parts of the world, and feeling God's love for all his children. This is Jared with some local members on a little island in Mauritius.

After Jared's deployment, we were fortunate enough to take a cruise to the Fjords of Norway. It has always been Jared's dream to visit the country of his ancestors.

I love this picture because if always brings back the tender feelings of reuniting back together after a 1 year deployment.

We love to get together with family for BBQs, games, birthdays, and treats!

We LOVE spending time together whether it be a date night at the movies or staying home dipping strawberries!

We like hiking, camping, and fishing in the great outdoors. It reminds us of the wonderful world God created. This was a hike up to Eagle's Nest in Austria.

Seeing the lights on Temple Square is a family tradition. Temple attendance is important to our marriage. We are so blessed to have many temples within an hours drive.

We like to try new foods. Living in Germany provided us with several opportunities...every Christmas market was lined with local food. This is Jared eating a 1/2 meter bratwurst!

This is Jared's new hobby...knitting hats to be taken to a local hospital and given to the parents of newborns. However, this is the first hat that he made, which was saved for "our little princess." Don't worry, if we our given a prince, Jared knitted a grey and blue one for him!

We may be "adults," but we still like to have a good time in the snow!

Dressing up for fun! Tammy won the "most creative" costume at the ward's trunk of treat party!

Still a kid at heart...During our trip to Croatia, we went for a swim in the ocean. After a few minutes, Jared realized that he had left his passport in his swimming trunks. Little did he know that a camera was close by!

Game time with family!

We enjoy watching sports events, especially basketball and football. Go Jazz!

Jared and I enjoy going for walks together, especially when the sun is starting to go down.

During our trip to Mauritius, we had the opportunity to swim with the fish. Someday, we may get certified to go scuba diving! Our friends often refer to this picture as the "Buzz Light Year" picture from the movie "Toy Story."

One of our favorite European trips was visiting Normandy, France. It was a privilege to pay tribute to many of the WWII vets. Visiting this site brings out the patriotism within you.

We love going to outdoor festivals as a family because of the yummy treats, gorgeous flowers, and fun activities for the kids.

We love getting together with our friends for dinner and games. But first comes tickle time with the kids!

One of our Christmas traditions is to attend the Forgotten Carols by Michael McClean. It is an uplifting program reminding us to take the time to care for others.

During the summer, we love to run away to the mountains for a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

We have found through our journey of life that laughter is the best medicine and are excited to share our love and laughter with our little one!

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