Dear Birth Parent(s)


Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better. After choosing the path of adoption to start our family, Jared decided he wanted to learn how to make a few baby items as a way of showing his future child how much he loves them. Now we sit on the couch with baby hats at our side and write to a loving person like you. 

A little about us… We met on an on-line dating site in the Spring of 2008. I was proving to my coworkers that this type of dating did not work. Needless to say, I will be eating my words for the rest of my life! We had a long distance courtship but always made time for each other on the weekends. I knew immediately that Jared was someone worth pursuing. He was very kind, easy to talk to, and full of laughter. We were married later that year and soon after moved to Germany to fulfill Jared’s military assignment. While it was difficult being so far away from our family, we LOVED traveling to over 20 European countries, meeting people from all walks of life, and making some great life-long friends. We are happy to be back in America and moving on to the next chapter of our lives.

Together, we feel like we make a great team and have learned that humor makes most things better! We help each other prepare our lunches in the morning, cook delicious meals, clean the house, do yard work, etc. Once Jared found that Tammy had packed him an onion instead of an apple for lunch by accident! Oops! Tammy is currently working at a Veteran’s Medical Center while Jared is in the Army Reserves and completing his education in Speech Language Pathology. In our spare time, we enjoy playing games with family and friends, going camping and fishing, trying new restaurants, or cuddling up to each other and watching a good movie.

About Jared (by Tammy)… Jared has a passion for life, people, and the Lord. He has a positive attitude and finds the good in all situations. People are easily drawn to him because he makes them feel important regardless of their differences. He is known for serving others whether it be helping a single mother and her child carry their luggage to a bus terminal or traveling a distance to pick up a stranded friend. Jared has a special love for children, especially babies. At church, he is known as the “baby whisperer.” Each week, he loves to find a baby to hold and comfort. He dreams of the day when he will finally have his own. Jared is also a child at heart…having fun is in his nature. He loves the outdoors, playing football and basketball, running, playing video games, and golfing. Jared is also passionate about his country and is willing to sacrifice his life in order for us to enjoy our freedom. Most of all, he is a wonderful husband. He is my best friend, encourager, and confidant. He keeps me grounded. I know that he will play an important role in raising our children. 

About Tammy (by Jared)… Ever since I met Tammy, she has been a strong influence in my life to bring out the good in me. She is very smart and always takes the time to help me study when needed. When we were dating, we often enjoyed going to the movies or doing outdoor activities. Early in our courtship, she made me a part of her family, and we would go to family events regularly. When nothing is on the schedule, we sometimes enjoy just staying home and being together. She likes to play games, cook, crochet, and quilt. She also has a love for traveling which I soon developed a love for as well. We have been to many places around the world thanks to her excellent planning and budgeting skills. The greatest attribute that I see in Tammy is her love for her family. She always knows about a niece or nephew's birthday and makes sure we are involved in celebrating their birthdays. She is also very attentive to everybody else's wants or needs, often making sure that their needs are taken care before her own.  Marriage is about sacrifices for others, and I feel that she exemplifies that in continuing to work and sacrifice for our family. Tammy truly is my helpmate and continually uplifts me both emotionally and spiritually.

About our Family… We feel lucky that we have such a great relationship with our families. Our family has been with us through the thick and the thin. We look forward to getting together to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just because. There is never a dull moment when we get together as we are off playing checkers, basketball, having a fun water or snowball fight, eating yummy food, or watching homemade videos.  Adoption is not a new idea to our family circle as we have two nieces and a nephew who have joined our family. All members of our families are excited to have a child brought into our lives through adoption. We are positive this child will come to a home where they are surrounded by unconditional love for who they are. 

Our home, neighborhood and community…. We are blessed to live in a home which is located in a quiet cul-de-sac of a family friendly subdivision in a metropolitan area. It is off the main highway but minutes from shopping and dining areas. Now we are just waiting to fill it with children giggling and the pitter-pattering of little feet. There are lots of small children on our street waiting to have another friend to run through the sprinklers and ride bikes with. We are very close in proximity to playgrounds, pools, mountains, lakes, ski hills, water parks, and museums. We look forward to sharing our love of this land with them. 

In addition, we want to teach our children.  We want to teach them about the Lord and be an example of the things we teach. Not only will they have an environment full of fun and learning, but we will teach them the value of work and how to become a valued citizen in their community. We believe that education is important and will encourage them to pursue what they desire. Most importantly, we want our children to know who they are!

We know that adoption is the way that the Lord has in mind for us to have a family. We are waiting with open arms to embrace you and the gift of your child.  We have so much love to offer a child and are excited to share with your baby “THEIR STORY.” They will know that it was because of your love for them that our family was possible

With love,

Jared and Tammy

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