Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve/Day

I have spent the majority of today taking down my holiday decorations.  And with nowhere to go to spend New Year's Eve, I decided I may as well sit down and finish my last post of the season.   

 I'm sooo ready for this season to be over!! It’s now that I don’t like it because I do. I love the goodness that comes out in everyone as there is a special magic in the air. But for me personally, I have become an emotional wreck. I had no idea that my emotions would get the most of me. Thanks to me parents and friends who have allowed me to unload on them…I hope to straighten up soon!! Lol

For Christmas Eve, I got together with some of my favorite ward families, the Platt’s, Dalke’s, and Beck’s. We had a Mexican buffet! The food was so yummy. Paige Dalke even went to all the work to make homemade Tomales, and they were scrumptious. Afterwards, we settled down and role played the Christmas story. The kids did a great job. Here they are all decked out in their costumes:

The Audience - Briennz and Angela

More Audience members - Aidy and Connor
The narrator, Brother Platt and the donkey carrying Mary with Joseph walking along side them

Baby Jesus being put in the manger with Joseph and Mary close by / The angels announcing the Savior's birth
The wisemen bringing gifts / The shepherds hearing the birth of the Savior
Afterwards, we sang about 20 Christmas carols in 5-7 minutes! It was really fun…The Becks had arranged all of the songs so you would sing a verse or chorus of all the well known Christmas songs. Then we all ran home to get in bed as the Official Norad tracker said that Santa was only a couple of hours from Europe and we didn’t want him to pass by our house. 

I spent Christmas Eve night at Lydia Beck’s house with her and her 6 children!

Before the night even started, Breanna lost a tooth. So not only were we hoping that Santa would show up but that the Tooth Fairy would also make a special visit. At 3:30 a.m. Breanna came into my room to let me know that not only had Santa come but the tooth fairy too. At the Beck household, it is a tradition for all of the kids to sleep in the same room. It was fun to lay in bad and listen to them squealing about the gifts that Santa had left them and wondering how they were going to stay content for another 3 hours until they could wake up their mom. Then just as I got back to sleep, Jared begins texting me on my cell phone. So much for getting any sleep!! Below is a recap of our fun morning!

The New Jammies and the toothless Breanna

Santa's delivery

The Opening of gifts

Me and Angela with her new teddy bear
I'm so glad I had somewhere to go to be around the excitement of children on this morning as Jared could not be here!  The Becks are a wonderful family and their children were very appreciative of everyting they received.  Never once did I hear them complain about anything.  Instead, they were very interested in what each other received.  Good job mom and dad Beck.
After my eylids couldn't stay open anymore, I came home to talk to Jared, which didn't happen as we couldn't keep a connection.  So I decided to take a nap before calling my parents and going to the DeLong's for dinner.  Then I came home and was able to Skype with Jared--much better than a phone call!!
I'm grateful for the REASON that we celebrate this season.  I am grateful for the birth of our Savior, His life, and for his resurrection.  Because of him, I can continue to perfect my carnal body and that through HIS grace I can return to His presence.
  Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!  I'm off to bed...

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  1. Oh SO FUN! I am glad you had someone to spend the holidays with! They look like such fun friends! :)
    I can't wait for you to be with your husband again. I am SURE it's incredibly hard to be apart for this long! NEXT CHRISTMAS you will be together (I HOPE) and enjoying the celebrations!! yay!