Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 12 - The West Coat Tour

I had been looking forward to the West tour all week because we may get the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Thankfully, we were picked up in a shuttle bus so we didn’t have to deal with the crazy taxi cab. Once we got to the West coast and decided I didn’t like it. Not only was there not toilet paper in the restrooms, but the ocean water was dirty and smelled like oil. Not something I wanted to play in.
The tour soon got underway, and the excitement started to build as we met up with the other 8 boats that were searching for the dolphins too.
The dolphins have been spotted!
On the third sighting of the dolphins, Jared was ready to jump out and swim. He had a great time. However, his camera broke as he was under water swimming with the dolphins. Luckily, he did get two good pictures. I was bummed because I didn’t get to swim with them as they turned around and took some people back to the shoreline after that swim.

The pictures the broke Jared's camera!
Our next activity was off to a deserted island where our guides grilled lunch for us while the locals tried to sell us their creations. All Jared could think about was pulling up the guy’s pants so his plumbing didn’t show.
"Pull up your pants," says Jared!
For lunch, we were served lobster, hot dogs, chicken, garlic bread, salad, and grilled bananas for dessert. Once again, I was ready to leave that part of the island as the water was very dirty.
The day ended with one last opportunity to go snorkeling. Jared enjoyed it, but I didn’t stay in the water for very long because it was kind of cold and I could see them from the boat!
The way home was quite entertaining. One of the couples that were on the tour with us was from Germany. Once the lady found out that we were currently living there, she starting teaching us German words. My brain was numb by the time we got home. I had learned so many new words that I could hardly keep them straight. But the funniest thing was listening to Jared use the words he used to call me “Crazy old lady” and phrases like that. Good times.
Are you seeing a pattern? They seems to be no better way to end a day than running home to the beach and surfing the web before dinner and entertainment!
Our daily ritual before dinner!
Dolphins—it was a great experience to snorkel and follow these dolphins for about a minute before they disappeared. This might have been the last picture my camera took as it got flooded with water and stopped working.

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