Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary Jared

Today, I'm grateful for my husband, Jared, who is also my best friend! Two years ago today, we were married. I'm so grateful that I took my coworkers' challenge to do the on-line dating scene and prove to them that it doesn't work. Oops...I'm now eating my words for forever!

Our dating period was relatively quick. Jared had just moved back to Idaho and initiated contact with me on April 18, 2008. After chatting on-line for three hours (and at 2:30 a.m.), he asked me out on a date for the next day. I was a little hesitant since I had recently gone on a date with someone that I had met online that turned out disastrous. I tentatively agreed to the date as I hadn't talked with my family to see if we already had some plans. During our conversation, I found out that Jared was good friends with a few of my cousins in high school. So it also gave me time to call a couple of my cousins in the morning to see what they had to say about him before I fully agreed to the date. Everyone told me that he can be shy until you get to know him, but he is very respectful and will treat you like a queen. So off I went and had a great time at the movies and dinner. Jared was different than any other guys that I had dated. He treated me with respect, made me feel important, and was willing to listen to me ramble on about a bad day that I had at the office a few hours earlier. He even opened the car door for me. I thought had become a thing of the past. Later, he told me that he only does it for the first 50 dates! Ha-ha

From that period on, we took turns driving to each other's home until we were married since we lived a little over 2 hours away from each other. Jared proposed to me on September 13, 2008, at the Twin Falls temple, and we were married in Blackfoot, Idaho, on November 8, 2008.

Since that time, Jared joined the US ARMY, and we are currently stationed in Vilseck, Germany. This was a very hard transition for me. I gave up everything that was comfortable to me and moved half way across the world to begin a new life together. Although I was happy to finally get to be with Jared, I missed my family and friends back home. Through it all, Jared has been a trooper and has been there for me. On December 10, 2010, we were sealed in the Bern, Switzerland Temple for time and all eternity. I love knowing that as long as we both live worthy of the covenants we made in the temple, we can be together forever. This promise has helped me immensely since Jared is currently deployed to Afghanistan. We are both anxiously waiting for his R&R date so we can be together again for a couple of weeks.

Jared is a wonderful husband with a heart of gold and upholds his church responsibilities. He is always willing to help out and do his part so we can spend more time being together. I miss him
and can't wait to celebrate many more years together!

Below is a little music video that I put together for our anniversary. It contains a few of our memories from dating to present. The picture quality is best if you keep the video screen small.



  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm so happy for guys!

  2. Tammy dear - it's Kelli! happy 2nd anniversary!! hope your husband returns safely home to you.

    Trace and I just went on a trip together and she showed me your blog, I've got a blog too, let's be blogging buds -