Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Health...Not Today

Today I'm grateful for good health. For the past 10+ days, I have had headaches and dizziness 24/7. I'm even dizzy sitting down writing this post. The doctors can't decide what is causing this. So I'm about to enroll in Tri-Care to get a referral to visit an ear, nose, and throat doctor off post. This should be an interesting experience. I just hope I get a doctor that speaks some English or I'm going to be in trouble! I'm normally a very healthy person, so when I get sick, it usually hits me hard. Every time I get sick, I remember how lucky I am to have such great health. It gives me much more compassion for those who get sick often as well as patience to endure through my own aches and pains.

Anyone want my headaches and dizziness??? I'm willing to share :)


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