Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weighing In - Week 4

Another week has come and gone. This week I've been craving everything pumpkin--maybe because of the season that is upon us. So I've tried some new recipes...pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin smoothies that taste just like the milkshakes from Arctic Circle! Two other new recipes that I tried include oatmeal breakfast bars, which taste just like banana bread and chicken enchiladas made with chicken and navy beans...nice and filling.

In addition to trying to switch up my food diary this week, I've also tried to work out every day either on the eliptical machine at the gym or walking around base. By the end of the weekend I was confident that this was going to be a great weight loss week as I was already down 2 pounds on Sunday. However, by the time that I jumped on the scale this morning, I was only down 1 pound! Yes, I am glad that I at least lost weight and didn'tgain or plateu; however, I was hoping for a bigger number as the time before I see Jared for R&R is getting shorter and 1 pound a week isn't going to make me look much different.

Week 1 - lost 3.2 pounds
Week 2 - lost 0.6 pounds
Week 3 - lost 1.6 pounds
Week 4 - lost 1.0 pounds

TOTAL LOST - 6.4 pounds

Only 78.6 more pounds to go!



  1. You can so do it! Keep going! A little is better than none! ;-)

  2. Slow and steady wins the race!!!! Remeber the slower it comes off the easier it is to keep it off.

    Good Job!!!!! Some of your food choices sound yummy too

  3. I seriously feel a good week coming up....big time. :)