Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rothenberg, Germany

Last weekend, one of the FRG groups hosted a bus trip to Rothenberg, Germany. Although Jared and I had been there once before, I decided to get out of the house and enjoy the day sightseeing and spending time with friends.

Once we got there, it was raining (no big surprise). So our first stop was going for a walk along the wall that is built up along the entire city.

One thing that I will always remember about Germany is the very colorful homes and roofs. I'm not saying that I want my own home bright yellow or red, but I do like the color that it adds to a very green countryside.

Soon after the rain subsided, I met up with Irma Delong, one of my new friends from Jared's unit. I convinced her to and her girls to tour the Criminal Museum. This is a museum that shows all the different ways that they used to torture people. Her youngest girl, Elizabeth, was very inquisitive and thought everything was "AWESOME!" Towards the end of the tour, the two girls started fighting with each other and at that moment I happen to come across a device that was used for women when they quarreled. So we told the girls that the employee was going to get it out so we could use it on them. They didn't think that was as funny when they found out their heads would be put in a hole and their hands would be inserted into the small holes and kept there until they could get along.
Then we ended the day with a YUMMY treat that only Rothenberg is known for--Schneeballen. They are pastry balls, which are each about the size of a softball, made of strips of pastry wound into a ball, deep fried, and coated with various icings or toppings. It's a must have before leaving town. Yes, even I saved enough points in my diet for the day to have one.



  1. I've been there, I've been there!!! So fun! :) Looks like a great day to explore. Jealous!

  2. When did you go there? Where else did you go?? I'm looking for some fun places not too far from home?

  3. Looks like you had a great time. The houses are very beautiful. And those pastry balls look amazing:)