Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Coke Jar--4 Months Down

Do you ever have a whole post written and ready to publish just to push a wrong button and have all the text deleted??? GRRRR...this is happening to me too often lately.

Anyhow, when Jared and I were getting ready to move to Germany, my dad gave Jared a Coke bottle that he had previously used to hold his loose change in. It is huge--it stands about 2 1/2 feet tall. In December, Jared decided that he wanted to see how much money the bottle would hold by only using quarters. He was very faithful about putting his change in the jar. When deployment time rolled around the corner, the job assignment was past off to me. I was instructed to withdraw $20 in quarters every week to put into the jar. The first month I was very faithful in my task. I stopped by the change machine in the arcade room to get my change. However, during the second month, the arcade room where the change machine was located was removed and was being replaced by a German bakery. So I decided to stop accumulating quarters as I wasn't going to stop by the PX Customer Service every week and ask for $20 in quarters nor was I going to open up a savings account at the Community Bank to ask for $20 in quarters that I would be giving back to them in the next year. When Jared inquired as to how the jar was filling up, he was disappointed and began telling me about a few places on the Vilseck or Grafenwoehr post that I could search for change machines. Needless to say, I recovered $150 in one day and am now up-to-date. Every week, I faithfully withdraw $20 from the Laundromat coin machine and hope that I don't take the last coins so some soldier cannot do their laundry! lol
Month 1 Month 2
Month 3 Month 4
The idea behind this jar is that by the time the jar is almost full, Jared's deployment will b3 almost over. I have taken pictures each month of the progress of this bottle, but it is hard to see any change and we are not even at the widest part of the bottle!! Some weeks I feel like that is how quickly deployment is going. So I have threatened to start using pennies, nickels, and dimes, to speed up the process. But Jared quickly cabooses the idea!


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