Saturday, December 4, 2010

Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market

This post is a week late...But on Saturday after Thanksgiving, Irma and I took her two kids to the 1st Christmas Market of the holiday season.  One thing you must know about Germany is that EVERY town has its own Christmas market during the holiday season.  It may last for one day or it may go from Thanksgiving weekend until Christmas Eve.  Most of the markets are very similar..they all decorate with lots of lights and festive decorations as well as sell food and other knick knacks.  However, each market does have its own uniqueness about it such as where the event is held (in a castle, on the town, etc,), the food that is special to that town, or its festivities such as parades and carnival rides.  Neither one of us have ever gone to the Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market, so we thought we'd give it a try. 

It is nestled inside a courtyard and began with a parade with several hundred market folk, historical clubs, parades of fanfare teams and various music groups. 
Then the fun began.  As we were walking along the path and admiring the crafts, ornaments, crystal, etc. being sold at each of the different booths, Lizzy found the camel ride.  She really wanted to ride the camel but backed down once her mother told her she couldn't go with her as she was 9 months pregnant!  I told her I that I would go with her, but she was too scared.  Then out of nowhere, Mikaela decided that she wanted to go with me.  I knew I couldn't back down even though I was a tad bit scared.  I had ridden a camel up Mount Sinai when I went to Egypt and didn't care for the experience, but I was trying to make it sound fun for the kids (I'll think twice next time).  So off we went.
The camel held very still while Mikaela got off, but then he decided to move away from the stand while I tried to hop off!
Enough fun for me!!!  In the air is the fresh smell of lots of yummy food.  Fried doughnuts, langochs, and fire roasted almonds and peanuts!!
YUMMY--fire roasted almonds and peanuts!
  Before long, the kids were frozen and begging to go home!  A fun day was had by all!


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