Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Completed Quilt!!

I'm so excited. Last night I just finished the first quilt that I have ever made from start to finish and can't wait to begin another!! I signed up for a quilting class on base and had a great time learning a new skill and meeting new people. There came a point in making the quilt that I started second guessing the material that I had chose. But once it was all put together, I absolutely love it. Now I just hope that Jared loves it just as much as I made it for him for his 35th birthday next month! Just don't look too closely at it or you may find a few Amish boo boos (the Amish are perfectionists and never make mistakes).

Also, since Jared never reads this blog--I have a question for all of my viewers. Any fun ideas of things I can send to Jared downrange for his 35th birthday??? I'm drawing a blank....


  1. It looks great Tammy! This is a project that I have not attempted yet. I think I will though.... someday.

  2. Tammy,
    I love the colors. Jared is going to love love love your quilt. Nice work!!! I think you may have inspired me to attempt my first quilt. I too will need to take a class but oh the fun of a new project. I already gave you my ideas to send the love of your life.
    Much love