Friday, August 27, 2010

The Curtains are Finally Hung

Yes, I know, I'm slow when it comes to some things. Jared and I moved to Germany last July. It took us waiting 5 months for my parents to come visit us in Germany before we got our blinds hung. Yes, we tried to do it for FHE one night, but we couldn't figure it out and didn't want to incur a damage bill to our window sills when we leave our home in a couple of years. During the same time my parents were visiting us, I also had my mom help me start making some curtains to hang up. I saw them in a store on the economy a few months back but didn't know if I could do it alone. So I took my mom there to see how hard she thought they would be. All we had to work with was a few measurements that I took without trying to look too obvious, the store clerk cutting my fabric and showing me the other materials that I would need, a fuzzy picture that I took with my cell phone, and our brains (mine wasn't working because I was too upset that they were getting ready to leave the next day). Of course, we didn't have time to complete them. So I mailed everything to my mom for her to finish so they would look the same. She then mailed them back to be for completion. All I had to do was measure them, sew the bottom, and hang them. To most people this wouldn't be a hard task, but for a perfectionist who doesn't have the proper tools, it was quite a worrisome chore. However, after eight months (from start to finish) of sewing and worrying, they are complete, and I am very proud of how they turned out. I must give a very big THANK YOU to my MOM for always helping me!!


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