Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today, our adoption application arrived in the mail!  We are so excited to get this process going that we immediately filled it out and went to put it in the mail.  We have set a goal for ourselves to have everything done by December 31, 2014. 
The decision regarding how to start our family has been a topic of discussion in our home for quite some time.  We have been to lots of doctor appointments and done many tests (both in Germany and the US).  We are at the IVF Adoption cross road with money being a factor.  Do we pay the money and try a round of In vitro fertilization with 50% chance that it may work or do we skip it and start filling out paperwork for adoption??  This is not a question that I thought I would ever have to face.  I just always assumed that we would conceive and have biological children.  On the other hand, Jared has a brother who has adopted three beautiful children and has known for quite a while that this could also be the way that we gain our family.  Thus, he was ahead of me in the decision making process.
Then one day, I received a note from a friend asking me, “Do you want a pregnancy/baby or do you want a family?  An eternal family.  In the end, we are all related by blood thanks to our Father in Heaven.”  This was something that I had never really thought about.  When I read this, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace come over me.  Yes, I wanted an eternal family, but I just never thought that it would come to me in this way.  Jared has been very loving and patient with me as I have “grieved” the thought of not having my “own.”  I KNOW that there are children waiting to come to our home.  I have turned my will over to Heavenly Father, trusting that HE is in control and will lead us to the children that are meant to be in OUR family. 
So, here we are.  Excited and ready to move forward!

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