Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Jared has been looking forward to this day for quite some time!  Not only was it his BIRTHDAY, but it was the day that I had promised him an answer to our future. 
Jared loves birthdays and everything that goes with it…the decorations, gifts, food, family, friends, and celebrations.  Yes, he is a kid at heart.

He left for school and received many phone calls from family and friends wishing him a happy day.  Then he came home from school to a home decorated with streamers, balloons, and gifts.  There has one gift that he was particularly excited about…a letter determining our future.  He was so excited to read his card and discover that our family was going to grow through adoption!  WHOOHOO   (this discussion is for a different post).  After opening his gifts (money, voice recorder, video game, Mt. Dew, and Reese’s Crunch bar), we went to Sizzler for a celebration/birthday dinner.   
After dinner, our friends, the Stoddart’s, were waiting for us to come and have cake and ice cream with them.  They were so nice.  Even though it was getting late, they let their little kids stay up on a school night and eat sugar right before bed!!

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