Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meals in a Day

Wow! I survived another first week of working at an elementary school. While it was very chaotic at times, I thought it went very well. My one complaint was that every teacher wanted my attention at the same time. I felt like I couldn't give anyone the attention they needed, especially the new teachers and staff. By Wednesday afternoon, I was ready to install a ticket machine and tell them to each take a ticket and I would help them when there number was called. But all in all, I thought that the days were smoother than some of the regular days we experienced last year.

This week it finally dawned on me that I haven't been eating very good. I get off work and get busy doing other things. Then about 8 or 9 p.m. I am starving. So I will grab a granola bar to eat or I don't eat anything at all. It is plain to see that none of which I have been doing is very healthy. I've been looking at a book called "31 meals in a Day" where you cook enough food in one day to last you for the entire month. That is a lot of cooking and freezer space. But I decided that I would try it out and make a few meals to freeze so I could come home from work and just pull a meal out of the freezer to eat for dinner. I intended on cooking three meals this afternoon, but I only had to stop and make a cake in the middle of all the cooking for my friend's birthday. So I only made two meals, stuffed peppers and manacotti. I'm not much of a leftover eater, so this will be interesting. I definitely need more variety, but I will have to increase my selection in the coming weeks. Since the weather is becoming much cooler, I think I will also make a couple of soups next week to add to the variety.

Anyone have a favorite recipe that would freeze well that you would like to share with me??


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  1. Hey Tammy, that is what I do. I think I gave you some of my favorite soup recipes. I also freeze rolls and just pull them out. I too hate leftovers. However, when you freeze them they don't taste like leftovers just yummy homemade goodness. As for the variety try getting books from the library they have a lot. Good luck and if you get any yummy recipe please share them with me.