Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relief Society Temple Trip

Last weekend was wonderful. I was able to take a break from my normal schedule and go with several wonderful sisters from the Grafenwoehr ward to the Freiberg Temple! It is a much smaller temple than I am used to, nevertheless, the SPIRIT is just as great. I miss not being able to go more often to feel of the peace that is there. I think that one of my deployment goals will be to attend the temple at least every other month!!

On a sad note, Jared's regiment experienced their first casualty this past week. When I hear of news like this, I'm always reminded how special each day is and truly a gift from above. Jared is doing well, although he was very sick one day this week and was put on sick quarters. No worries, he's okay now. In fact, tomorrow he is taking his first PT test in Afghanistan!! Good Luck SPC Jackson!

Good night!


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