Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine’s Day

This year, I want to make the holidays a little more fun.  Maybe decorate a little for them, have a fun dinner centered around the holiday, etc.  So far, I’ve failed.  I came down with a terrible cold the end of January and it is still with me!!  some days going to work is about all the energy I have. 
We spent Valentine’s Day differently than we normally would have.  Most of the time, it is a low key day.  We may go out to eat or give gifts and then watch a movie together at home.  However, this year Jared accepted the assignment for us to be committee chairs for the refreshment portion of the Stake Valentine’s dance.  Neither Jared nor I are much into dancing, so we were hoping for some great company and good food to graze on during the night. 
Halfway through the dance, Jared offered to go out on the dance floor with me and give me my ONE dance!  Haha  As we left the table to go out on the dance floor, I turned around and discovered that the tablecloth with all the decorations (some glass) and water cups (still filled with water) were now on the floor!!  How embarrassing!!  Needless to say, we spent the rest of that dance cleaning up the mess and redecorating the table.  Another embarrassing moment to add to my list…
Jared has been craving chocolate dipped strawberries.  So I decided that a fun post Valentine’s day date would be to dip strawberries and bananas!  YUM YUM!
I love spending time with Jared.  We seem to always have fun no matter what we end up doing.  I'm so glad that he has the opportunity to finish his education and begin a career in something that makes him happy.  He LOVES helping people, and I know that he will succeed.  He is so excited to start our own family!  I know our children will be spoiled rotten with love by their daddy.  I hope that once we get our adoption profile active that our wait time won't be too long.  We're ready to share the next holidays with a new bundle of JOY!
Happy Valentine's Day Love!

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