Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Yesterday I attended my first "How to Host a Murder Mystery" Dinner party.  One of my good friends, Lydia Beck, was the was host and did a fabulous job!  Our murders mystery had a Western theme.  As such, the purpose of our gathering was to determine who killed the Judge of the town.  I was given my character a few days beforehand so I could get my costume ready.  Having been picked to be one of the cowboys, I didn't worry too much about my costume.  I "thought" I had most everything I needed.  As it turned out, I had nothing but a pair of jeans, a button down shirt, and a pair of boots. Apparently, in our move to Germany I threw away my cowboy hat, bandana, etc.  So off I went Saturday afternoon to The PX to buy a cowboy hat, banadana, and pistol.  I was blown away when I got there and only found a bandana.  I began to panic as I only had a couple of hours before I had to be at the party.  Off I rushed to the only other place I could think of--Tedi.  Tedi is the equivalent of our Dollar Stores in the States, and YES, they saved my booty.  Oh how I MISS Wal-Mart and Targets (my one stop shops)!!

Back to the party--In between each round of the game, we'd stop and have one course of dinner.  We started with chips and salsa, moved on to the lettuce salad, onward with the savory pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, and fruit salad, and ended with apple and lemon merangue pie. 

The town folk present for the gathering were Cowboy P'Elvis Swagarin (Becky), the Mexican widow Dee Edela Muerte (Kelly Fees), Cowboy Elias Truist-Heath (me), Prostitute Elvira Lynn Fekshin (Ryan), Cowboy Wyatt Hertz (Lydia Beck), Butch Chastity (Amy), Helena Handcart (Kristina), and the dentist Chief Breaking Wind (Jena).

The food was great, the game was entertaining, and the company was fantastic! Everyone did a great job acting their parts.   And as horrible as I am at these type of mystery games, I even guessed who killed the Judge!
Chief Breaking Wind (Jena), Elvira Lynn Fekshin (Ryan), and Butch Chastity (Amy)

Dee Edela Muerte (Kelly Fees)
 P'Elvis Swagarin (Becky) and Elias Truist-Heath (me)
Butch Chastity (female outlaw extraordinaire and Helena Handcart ((mother of 13 boys, all deceased).
Chief Breaking Wind (chief of the "Cowpai" tribe)

Elias Truist-Heath (me), P'Elvis Swagarin (Becky), Wyatt Hertz (Lydia), and Helena Handcart (Kristina)


  1. I love "How to Host a Murder!" You guys look great!

  2. SO FUN! YOu guys all look FANTASTIC! LOVE IT!!!

  3. How fun. I have not done one of these since I was a kid. I would love to do another one.

  4. Aweee you did a great job. You look just like a "Cow Girl" even without your Wal-mart-Target.

    And you even guessed who killed the judge. AWESOME!!!!

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